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How do I get my 3d Likeable?

You can simply email us at or call us at 310-545-9434 to schedule your appointment.

Can I have 3d Likeables scanning center at my next special event?

Yes. We offer our customers the option of coming to our 3D scanning studio or we can set up our 3D scanning center at your corporate event, wedding, Quinceanera, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, or any other special event.  Please contact us for more information and a quote.



How long will my 3d Likeables scanning session last?

The 3D scan takes a fraction of a second and the total time spent is just a few minutes from start to finish.


What should I wear for my 3d Likeables scanning session?

Please feel free to wear whatever you would like.  Clothes with patterns print very well. 

Thin glasses and hats do not tend to print well.



How long does the scan take?

Once you decide on your desired pose, the 3D scan only takes a fraction of a second to capture.



When will my 3d Likeable be delivered?

1-2 weeks from date of order.


Can you create a 3d Likeable from my own photos?

Our 3D scanning and printing technology requires that you be scanned in our studio or at one of our 3D scanning center locations in order to get the most detailed 3D model.

What is a Likeable made of?

Likeables are printed in sandstone.


Do I need to purchase a Likeable in order to get a 3D scan?

No.  We offer our customers the opportunity to get a free 3D scan.  You can then purchase the 3d Likeable print at time of your scan or you can order your print directly from our website.


Can I order additional 3d Likeable prints or reorder at a later time?

Yes.  3d Likeables will save your 3d Scan on our secure server with an order number specific to your scan so that you may order additional prints at any time.


Can you scan more than one person at a time?

Yes.  We can scan up to 4 people in a single scan depending on size of individuals.  We can scan in groups to accommodate larger groups.



Can you make a 3d Likeable of pets?

Yes.  We can create a 3d Likeable of your dog or cat.  



How much does a 3d Likeable cost?

The cost of each 3d Likeable depends on the size and number of people in the 3D print.  We offer sizes S, M, L, XL and special orders sizes.  Pets larger than an infant are considered people for pricing. 


Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes.  3d Likeables is a fun experience and they make amazing gifts. Click here to purchase a Gift Card.


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